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Public Safety First.
Not Politics.

Byron Roberson has 30 years of law enforcement experience and has dedicated his entire professional life to public service. While our current sheriff is making the news for investigating conspiracy theories, Byron believes the first priority of law enforcement should be the safety and security of residents.

As a police chief, he has the leadership experience to run the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office and he will never put politics above the safety of our community. 

Public Safety

The safety and security of residents should be law enforcement’s number one priority. While our current sheriff is investigating conspiracy theories, Byron Roberson will prioritize the safety of our community above all else.

Mental Health

With the increasing number of mental health-related calls, it’s more important than ever to equip our law enforcement officers with training on crisis intervention and de-escalation techniques.

Local Cooperation

The sheriff’s office should partner with local police departments by collaborating and providing equipment and resources when requested. Byron understands the need to improve the lines of communication between police departments and leadership at the sheriff's office.


After rising through the ranks of the police department, Byron Roberson believes you’re only as good as the officer next to you. That’s why he believes in fostering a culture of professional development within the sheriff's office, enabling deputies to pursue their career aspirations.


Latest Campaign Headlines

Kansas City Star

Johnson County police chief steps up as Democratic challenger to Sheriff Calvin Hayden

“I believe that the sheriff of the county should be concentrating on making the community safer. And unfortunately, the sheriff is spending more time chasing conspiracies, finding a way to get soundbites on CNN and collaborating with people that just aren’t moving the county in the right direction,” Roberson told The Star on Wednesday.


FOX4 Kansas City

Four former police chiefs supporting new Johnson County sheriff candidate

Prairie Village Police Chief Byron Roberson has announced his candidacy for Johnson County sheriff, vying to take Sheriff Calvin Hayden’s seat. In a release Wednesday, Roberson’s campaign noted he has the support of four former Johnson County police chiefs — former Lenexa police chiefs Ellen Hansen and Tom Hongslo and former Merriam police chiefs Tim Burnett and Ben Hadley.



Prairie Village Police Chief Byron Roberson announces bid for Johnson County sheriff

Roberson has served as Prairie Village's police chief since Jan. 4, 2021. He has over 25 years of experience as a police officer in Prairie Village and Mission Hills. Prior to becoming a police officer, Roberson spent eight years in the U.S. Marines Corps Reserve, one of which was of active deployment in Desert Storm.


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Johnson County Law Enforcement Leaders

Endorse Byron Roberson for Sheriff

Photo of Endorser

Ellen Hanson

Lenexa Police Chief (1991-2012)

"Over my 40 years in Johnson County Law Enforcement, I have met many impressive law enforcement leaders. One who immediately stood out to me was Byron Roberson. Even as a young officer, he impressed me with his ability to communicate effectively and motivate others.

As Police Chief, he commands with authority and compassion. He has strong working relationships and the respect of other Johnson County law enforcement leaders; which are vital to building the countywide partnership so necessary to provide the best level of safety for all Johnson County residents.

Byron is a man of character and values of the highest standard and will make an outstanding Sheriff for Johnson County."

Photo of Tom Hongslo

Tom Hongslo

Lenexa Police Chief


Photo of Tim Burnett

Tim Burnett

Merriam Police Chief


Photo of Ben Hadley

Ben Hadley

Mission Police Chief


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